Imagining life is difficult for some.  Some imagine a home filled with children but are unable to conceive or carry to term.

Some have another future in their plan when they become pregnant.  Mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are forced to re-imagine their futures and make critical decisions that will impact not only themselves but those around them.  It is the prayer of Corona Life Services that each child will be valued, loved,  and when possible, raised by their birth parents.  But for some the bravest choice a mother can make is to set an adoption plan for her child; one where she can imagine the best future for herself and her child.

 Adoption is an amazing option that can benefit the birth mother, adoptive parents and child alike.  Corona Life Services would like to celebrate adoption in our community.  If you know of anyone who has either placed a child for adoption who could use some praise or have adopted a child in need of a loving home, please complete the form below.  We would love to honor some of our local adoptive families at our 2017 banquet.